Top Ways to Decorate Hallways in a Modern Home

Top Ways to Decorate Hallways in a Modern Home

Have you ever spelled ‘Wow’ just after stepping into a space? It was probably a well-done hallway that made an impactful first impression. Your hallway is the space that sees the most traffic and leaving them dull and bare is just an injustice to the eyes.

There is so much that you can do to make your hallway the most interesting space in your home. Whether you decide to create a memory wall through the hallways or create a wall of fame with all your medals and badges, there is a lot that you can do in this space, no matter whether your hallway is long or narrow, small or larger than life!

Check out these top 10 ways to decorate your hallways that will completely transform your transitional spaces into a space of art!

Top ways to decorate hallways in a modern home

1. Bring out the magic of mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent choice of décor. It not just adds to the aesthetics of your space but also creates an illusion of a much brighter and more spacious area. They are the most natural home accessories that can easily fit into your budget. If your hallway is narrow then always opt for mirrors with no frames, as heavy ornate frames protrude into your space and can make your hallway look narrower. If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate a narrow hallway then this is the perfect choice for you.

2. Repeat your light fixtures

Add some drama and flamboyance to your hallways, with repeated light fixtures. This is one of the best narrow entrance hallway ideas for décor. It will not only enhance the lighting of your hallway, but will also give your hallway a unique personality. If your hallway is small then follow the rule of three in which you can add three identical small light fixtures evenly distributed in your space. For bigger hallways, amp up the drama with larger fixtures.

3. Spruce up your space with wallpapers

Wallpapers are the latest entrant in hallway decor ideas. It is the best way to transform a space, especially if your modern house has a narrow hallway. For smaller hallways, horizontally striped wallpaper works best as it creates an illusion of elongated space. While for low ceilings, vertical pattern wallpapers help make the space feel taller. You can also opt for bold black and white wallpapers or go for subtle colors that create a more inviting vibe!

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4. Go royal with some rugs

If you are looking for apartment hallway ideas that could give your home a royal appeal then run for the rugs. A rug or a runner is the easiest way to add character to your hallway. They bring color, pattern, and a warm royal appeal to the space. Furthermore, rugs protect your floor and keep the dirt soaked. You can opt for rugs made from jute, wool, hemp or polypropylene. Just make sure that you pick a flat rug!

5. Dazzle with colors

If you are looking for affordable interior design ideas then paint is probably the best prop to use. You can opt for the classic choice of white or fresh shades of cream or pastels that can brighten up your hallways. Painting the ceiling with bold shades like red or blue can add dimension and character to your hallway. It also makes your space look elongated.

6. Deck up your door

If you are looking for unconventional interior decorator ideas that could jazz up your hallway, then deck your door to speak your style. The simplest way to do that is just by coloring your door with peppy colors and creating a focal point. You can also create a modish and luxurious look by adding lighting to your halls. If you want your door to speak of a rich history then replace your ordinary handles with fancy antique handles!

7. Style your hallway with symmetry 

One décor rule that can never go out of style is symmetry. It is the most popular trend of decorating a hallway wall. Opting for a symmetrical layout will help you create an elegant hallway. It will also help create an illusion of longer space. Creating an art wall works great for long hallways. Experiment with the sizes, colors, and patterns to give your hallway a personal touch. For smaller hallways, you can use statement art to create a bold and impactful impression.

8. Flaunt it with Floating shelves

Floating shelves are super sleek, stylish, easy to build, inexpensive, functional, and are super for flaunting your décor articles. They don’t take up your floor space and give you a great option to features your collectibles. It can also come in handy in keeping your keys or storing your essentials. Floating shelves are particularly suited for wider hallways.

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9. Design your hallway with distressed furniture

Distressed furniture is in vogue and this trend is here to stay. As much as the millennials appreciate modish luxury, they also have a weak spot for this cottage chic vintage-looking furniture. Distressed furniture not only gives you ample storage space but also adds a much more intriguing character to your space. However, if your hallway is too narrow it might be better to opt for floating shelves or slim furniture. Also, remember to keep the top of your distressed furniture clutter-free!

10. Plant your plants

When talking about affordable interior design ideas, we just cannot leave out our plants. Plants are lively, vibrant and aesthetically appealing. You can hang some beautiful indoor plants in your hallway or keep them in a plant stand to create a visual impact. Studies say that having plants in your house can reduce your stress levels and boost your mood. No doubt plants have become the number one choice of interior designers!

Your Takeaway

Try out these top 10 ways to decorate hallways in a modern home and make the most of this neglected space. Though hallways are often at the bottom of the décor list, they are often the first place that grabs your guests’ eyes. So, doing them right can speak a lot about your home and its personality.