6 Creative Lighting Ideas that can do Wonders for Your Home

6 Creative Lighting Ideas that can do Wonders for Your Home

Lighting up a home is not just about keeping darkness away. And, a tastefully done interior is incomplete, without proper interior lighting. Ideally, a home should have layered lighting. Apart from functionality, it exudes a pleasing atmosphere, when done artistically. This effect can be achieved with a variety of lighting fixtures, be they wall sconces, floor and table lamps, or recessed lighting. Each fixture of lighting has a role to play, and putting lamps and pendant lighting where you see fit, won’t work, as the wrong areas will get illuminated.

When you are thinking of interior lights for home, keep in mind that each light that you put up will serve a purpose for that particular area. Once you understand the basics of lighting, you won’t go wrong. Here, we have some examples to showcase the use of lighting in a home; and how it enhances the appeal of the interior.


1. The lighting in this contemporary bedroom takes the design quotient up a notch!



Symmetry can get predictable and boring. Home interior designers have used asymmetry in this bedroom with aplomb.  Pendant lighting in the corner light up that area, balancing beautifully with the recessed lighting on the other side of the bed. The mirror plays its part by reflecting the lights as well as room, giving it dimension. The overhead spots do the rest. The interior decorators have achieved the maximum with a minimum of fuss. The elegance of the crisp design is classic; and welcoming at the same time.


2. Clever use of lighting gives this impeccable room a touch of class



The clever use of plants highlight the pendant lamps hanging from the ceiling of this cozy living room. The diffused ceiling lights play a dual role; extenuating the beige tones in this elegant living room, and softly lighting up the space.

You will notice that while the pendant lights are the focal point and draw your attention to them; they guide your eyes to the cozy sofas and the luxurious feel of those cushions.

When you are hunting for interior lighting design for homes you will find many options to choose from, where pendant lights are concerned. If your design allows it, you can even opt for a lantern or Venetian lamp in your corner. The perfect ambience for entertaining friends!


3. Headboard lighting does the trick in this magnificent room



Interior lighting design for bedroom need not be predictable, as you can see the clever use of lighting on the cushioned headboard by the designer. The frame at the top throws diffused lighting on the padded headboard, adding class to this eclectic room, superbly adding dimension to the patterned rug and the modern throw on the bed. The side table lamps blend harmoniously with the room, throwing subdued light on the side tables. The ceiling is elegant without intruding on the design. The concealed lighting adds character to the ceiling and the room without taking anything away from the design. The clever brass strips behind the bed, reflect the glow of lights, adding to the overall appeal of this very charming room. A lovely room to snuggle in with a book!

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4. A bathroom did you say?



The artistic use of lighting in this state-of-art bathroom takes the concept of bathing to another level. As you can see home interior designers have a knack of knowing just where light is needed! The stone wall behind the elegant bathtub draws the eye immediately, with its patterned elegance. What better place to put some subdued lighting! The pendant lighting in the corner, beautifully balances the diffused lighting behind the shelves and the lush creepers! Would one even want to leave this magnificent bathroom?


5. Earthy tones in perfect sync with the unique light fittings


The same pattern and yet so different! With a classy touch, the designer has cleverly used mismatched sizes to add a touch of whimsy to this design. The unique wall art with the diffused lighting is the magic wand that transforms the room. Overhead spot lights throw diffused light on the rest of the space, giving this utterly fascinating room, a touch of class.

In a bit of naughtiness, the designer has avoided putting the larger lamp next to the bed like its brethren, and instead opted to give light to the comfortable chair by the window.


6. A medley of lights, working beautifully together



The design and furniture placement of this room give the interior designer a lot of scope to light up this wonderful room. The spots do their bit from the ceiling; while the diffused lighting in the false-ceiling accentuates the bold lines.

The pendants light up the corner, in harmony with the earthy tones on the walls. The lighting on the floating shelves is more aesthetic than functional. All in all, a warm and comfortable interior, with well placed lighting.

Design matters, but it’s the lighting that sweeps a finishing touch to an elegant room!