8 Ideas to Liven Up a Living Room on a Budget

8 Ideas to Liven Up a Living Room on a Budget

A living room is so much more than a place where you unwind, chat with loved ones, watch your favourite shows on the TV and entertain guests. It is that part of your house which sets the tone for the rest of the interiors. Your guests form their initial impressions when they step inside your living room. In short, this is a room that needs to be visually pleasing, comfy and practical. And to achieve that, you don’t need to shell out a ton of money. Here are 8 living room ideas that can liven up your space easily without burning a hole in your pocket. 

1. Lend life to plain walls

One of the best living room wall décor ideas is to hang up a beautiful artwork or a colourful tapestry. In fact, if you have a lovely and old bedspread lying around, maybe with embroidery, applique or mirrorwork, hang it up to brighten a plain wall. Smart collages of travel or family photos can do the trick too. 

2. Paint is all you need 

Looking for beautiful living room ideas that don’t cost an arm and a leg? Just get hold of some paint in a colour you like and liven up the walls. In case of white or cream walls, you can choose a contrasting shade like teal, burgundy, plum or midnight blue and paint an accent wall with it. You can also paint all the walls in a soothing pastel shade of pink, blue, yellow or green. 

3. Play around with cushions 

When it comes to affordable yet funky living room decorating ideas, cushions steal the show. Replace old or dull-looking cushions with something bright and trendy. If you have a neutral sofa, say in grey, white or black, add peppy cushions in orange, hot pink, sunny yellow or lime green. You can choose from many sizes, patterns and textures too. Velvet cushions, for instance, are great for a luxe feel. You can also choose cushions in quirky shapes like flower, animals, or birds, for an eclectic look. 

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4. Wow with a rug

Adding a bold rug is one of the top living room makeover ideas you can try. It especially works if your sofas are in a neutral shade and your walls are plain too. Choose a light rug that is easy to move and clean and place it under the coffee table. Depending on the weather, you can choose a thin one that is mostly aesthetic, or a plush one that feels cosy on a cold day. 

5. Say yes to indoor greens 

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There’s nothing like bringing some nature into your living room. Arrange a few tall potted plants in a corner or set up a few succulents on the coffee table. One of the best home décor ideas for living rooms if you are short on space is to go for hanging planters. Just suspend them from hooks near a window or use up an idle corner. If you want a unique look, choose pots shaped like cute animals or birds. 

6. Repurpose old stuff 

Turn an old trunk into a vintage coffee table by fixing its joints and adding a splash of paint. Use wooden crates to put together a shelf or use wicker baskets to stash magazines and newspapers. Repurpose old coffee mugs, glass jars and soda bottles to grow plants, hold stationery, or arrange flowers. 

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7. Experiment with lights 

Adding stylish lights is one of the smartest living room interior design ideas you will find. Ceiling track lights are great if your décor scheme is industrial chic. Sleek pendant lights over the coffee table can also look amazing. If you have a large painting or ornamental side table that acts like a focal point, use sconce lights on either side of it. Recessed lighting is a good idea if you have a false ceiling. You can experiment with pretty floor lamps too. 

8. Move things around

This is one of the easiest living room ideas that don’t cost anything (literally). Simply change the position of your sofa, chairs and TV set, and see the difference. You can replace your usual chairs with an old rocking chair you had in the attic. Or if an ottoman was sitting idle in your study, move it to the living room. Replacing the usual curtains with the ones you have in your bedroom (if it’s practical) can also change the scene completely. 

To wrap up 

Hopefully, the above living room makeover ideas will help you create a space that is inviting, comfortable and stunning. And always keep the space as clutter-free as possible. If you need professional advice, get in touch with the interior designers at BlueMasons.