6 Best Colour Combinations to Consider For Your Living Room in 2022

6 Best Colour Combinations to Consider For Your Living Room in 2022

There is a reason why certain living rooms look inviting and comfortable. The secret is using harmonious shades. We have created a list of best colours for living room that you can refer to turn your own living room into a realm of tranquillity or even a space of vibrancy. Read on. 

1. Cream and Green

This probably the most suited wall colour combination for 2022.Green is a colour that symbolises renewal and growth. It also invokes feelings of vibrancy and serenity. There are many shades of green that you can experiment with but choosing a darker shade of green would be a good option as it would contrast well with cream. You can choose a focal wall to paint green while the other walls can be done in cream. 

2. Pastels and Bright Yellow 

Sometimes, all a room needs is a coat of brightness to liven up a room. So, if you have had a bland or dull colour for your room then now is the time for change. Give your living room walls a dash of vibrancy with bright yellow wall paint. You can do up the rest of the room in pastel furnishings and cobalt lamps placed strategically in the room. This wall colour combination for living room could well put you in a cheery mood. 

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3. Cream, Coffee and Grey

Designers from interior designing companies have lately been advising people about how elegant cool neutrals can look on the walls. You could choose to give your family room contemporary colour combinations with cream, grey and brown. For instance, if your sofa is in rich brown, you can add grey and cream throw pillows. The walls can be done in a light grey and you can add a tan carpet on the floor. This combination can be rather soothing, making you want to plonk yourself on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a book. 

4. Turquoise, white and brown

From the many colour combinations for living room, this one seems like the sky and the Earth are in harmony. You can add a sense of warmth to the room by including lighter shades of brown on the floor and the walls. Turquoise accessories will act as a contrast to the brown and lend the room some drama. Furnishings in white (sofa and drapes) will add balance to the whole look.  

5. Gold, orange and brown

Ask any home interior designer and they will tell you that autumn colours can be a great option for your living room. Gold and orange are colours that harmonise because of their proximity on the colour wheel. You can add shades of orange and brown around the room to lend a monochromatic look to the room and include a tan sofa or rug. The brown will give a break from the strong warm colours and balance the colour palette in the room. 

6. Rose pink and greys

This colour combination could well be considered one of the best living room paint colours. Serene and intimate are probably the words that will pop in your mind when you see these colours in your living room. Everything in the room, including the floor, walls and the rug can be done in different shades of grey. If you choose a blue-grey sofa, add rose pink throw pillows to give a contrasting break from the greys. You can also include flowers on a side table so that the grey in the room does not look too overwhelming. 

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So, take a cue from the ideas mentioned above and do up your room in the best way possible. However, if you still have queries about which three or two colour combination for living room would work best, you can always contact our BlueMasons office in Kolkata. We would be happy to help you out.