7 Affordable Interior Design Tips to Give Your Home a Quick Makeover

7 Affordable Interior Design Tips to Give Your Home a Quick Makeover

Home interiors designers ideas have immense importance because they are a true reflection of a person’s personality, taste and outlook. In fact just as the adage goes that you can tell a person by the company he keeps, you can also tell a lot about a person based on how good the interior design of his home is. Also, the right kind of interior design tips for home can make you feel ‘at home‘ and help you create a space where you and your loved ones can feel relaxed and cheerful.

Let’s see 7 affordable interior design tips to make you home look stunning!

1. Paint & Wallpaper
This is the oldest rule in the book among other home interior design ideas, but hey, it’s also the easiest and often the snazziest! There are limitless colour palates to choose from, and can change the entire ambience of your home. Smart printed wallpaper can carry the entire burden of adding the wow factor to your room.  Highlighting one area with a bold Fuchsia, aqua or lime wall paint can add spunk and cheer. A tip that is always here to stay! 

2. Upgrade your Upholstery!
Changing the fabrics of your sofa and chairs can transform your room. You can create a signature piece of furniture by choosing a bright floral pattern for your arm chair or divan. Use fuss free linen in warm tones of misty grey or inky blue for your sofa, for a smart casual touch. Velvet or silk adds a luxe vibe, while leather lends elegance and warmth. Layer your seating area with a host of cushions with warm tones and watch your guests eye them with envy!

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3. Green is the Way to Go!
A touch of greenery is what you can always bank on to add elegance, grace and warmth to your home. There is a whole array of smart planters to choose from, depending on your home interior design ideas. Sleek metallic planters are perfect for the modern, luxe vibe. A more bohemian home can opt for quirky planters. Plants like money plants, spider plants, snake plants, different cacti and bonsais lend themselves very well to home interiors.

4. Light it Up!
Lighting plays an important role in changing the mood and feel of your space. So, what’s the best way to use lighting to transform your room? Most house interior designers suggest layering the lighting starting from the ceiling. Overhead lighting brightens up a room, but layer it with accents to highlight art pieces and painting. You can also use table lamps to diffuse soft light in corners. LED light strips work well to highlight cabinets, bookshelves and serving platforms.

5. Amp Up the Accessories
Your home is a museum about your life. So, the interior design tips for homeowners suggest that should reflect your personality and your experiences. Add touches of things that would represent you everywhere, whether its souvenirs from your travels, or photo frames on walls, a painting made by you ten years ago, or a medal or trophies you won. Display them all on shelves, walls, cabinets and corner tables. They add character and a personal touch to your home!

6. Declutter & Organise
As modern homes are compact, space is at a premium. One of the interior design ideas for compact home to follow would be to declutter. It plays a huge role in making your interior design come alive. Donate or sell old furniture, books, and artefacts like vases and china which have no aesthetic appeal and have run their course. A few striking centrepieces do the talking far more effectively!

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7. Work the Windows
A window can make a big statement and is often underutilized. Simple but large windows that allow maximum sunlight in are trending. Choose sun blinds that are light are airy for maximum day light to enter. If you like oomph, heavy drapes with accents of interior design theme elements works beautifully.  Always use high quality material for window panes as they create a subconscious impact on materials used in the rests of the house.
Affordable ways to enhance your interiors is an enjoyable creative process, where the options are almost limitless! Make the most of this list and transform your home into something beautiful.