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Location: 26, Ballygunge Circular Road

Areas Served: Kolkata

Consultancy Budget: Minimum ₹ 400/sq. ft.

Specialization: Residential (Home), Lighting

Experience: 8+ years in industry

Projects Completed: 25+ projects


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About Us

Where spaces smile… Interiors can be stories…. A mere expanse of brick and cement can turn into a moving, proactive and strident stretch… Seema Mehta started her journey as an interior designer with this simple but intense thought and delved deep into the foyers of designing spaces. Be it retail, residential or commercial, she offers design solutions for all kinds of spaces. What sets her apart is her panoramic vision. She is driven with the sole objective of converting spaces into signatures. She understands that a space not only has a perceptible function but also an ethereal one. It defines a person. Thus, it is meant to be furnished with love. Going strong with her abilities and talent, she aims to reach out to the beauty mavericks of society, spanning architects, builders and individual home builders. Her novel thought of transforming the crescendos of spaces has earned her respect in the industry. Her area of expertise starts from the layout planning to the final finish, rendering a niche aesthetic quality. The intent of her designs is to take advantage of the home’s classic architecture, bring in additional natural light and enhance it with a combination of vintage and contemporary furniture and accessories. Seema Mehta’s vision and her commitment to innovation are set to create a mark.



  • Minimum Project Budget

    ₹ 5,000,000
  • Minimum Project Area

    1500 sq. ft.
  • Minimum Fee

    ₹ 400 /sq. ft.


  • Residential

  • Consultancy

  • ABID

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