Chic Home Furniture Ideas from BlueMasons That You Will Love!

Chic Home Furniture Ideas from BlueMasons That You Will Love!

When you look at a work of art, there is always something about it that jumps out at you; be it the colour tones, the brush strokes or the balance of ideas. Home designs and modular furniture concepts are no different. They draw the eye to the piece, by the sheer artistry or design. And while you take in the elegance of the design, you wonder how the designer came up with the idea.

Let’s look at some home furniture ideas that add that extra oomph to the design.


A storage unit that completes this lovely children’s room


The asymmetry in this room is pleasing to the eye. The designer has chosen to do away with a matching side table, leaving the other end free to accommodate this wonderful shelving unit. The towering piece with its many shelves, adds a touch of class to this room. The choice of colour goes in its favour as it complements the use of dull green on the curtains and the headboard. The pendant light hanging in the corner seems to be at loggerheads with the floor lamp in the room, trying to make its way up!


It’s the headboard that does it, in this cozy nook


Furniture interior design ideas can often astound you. This bedroom design has a lot going for it. The colour tones are daring in their simplicity. But the checkered fabric on the bed and headboard knock the ball out of the park! The headboard refuses to confine itself to the lines of the bed design, and is a stroke of genius. That the designers have left the space empty instead of encumbering it with a side table, speaks volumes for their talent.

The touch of colour on the blinds is balanced by the use of plants on the window sill.


Elegance personified


Home decoration ideas were never so good, as you can see from this image. This delectable dining set oozes class. The staid formal chairs, in navy blue, are the right contrast to the muted colour scheme of this dining room. The dimensions of the table stand out; long in tooth, the table is narrow widthwise, giving the design that extra zing. The designer has chosen to leave the ends free, making this dining set very appealing. The base is intriguing, and in complete harmony with the chairs on the side.

The geometric wall piece completes this beautiful design, giving the room a touch of class.


Window dressing


It’s the window that draws the eye, in this stylish bedroom. The window seat is inviting, allowing a breathtaking view of the beyond. Storage cabinets on the sides enclose the area, giving it a sense of privacy. The no-nonsense blinds add appeal to the window seat, without taking away from this eclectic design.


Sheer elegance

The black vanity under the washbasin has an eyeball-grabbing beauty. The unique design and the stark black colour add exuberance to this beautiful bathroom. While the designer mirror, the wall sconces and the delicate pattern on the stone flooring complement the design, the black vanity stands out, unchallenged.

This vanity surely takes wooden furniture design ideas to the next level!


A medley of sofa designs blending beautifully


Matching furniture is passé. As you can see in the image, the designer has used mismatched sofas to complete this very stylish living room. The chairs add to the overall effect, blending in without causing a flutter.

All the pieces tell their own story, and work well with each other. The centre table unifies the arrangement, taking centre stage. Something to think about when considering living room ideas!


It’s the colour that does it


The Eames chair lifts the design of this incredible room, raising the bar. The settee and the sofas do their bit boisterously, making for an elegant design. The vase balances the yellow of the Eames chair, while the single orange cushion complements the use of yellow with aplomb. The room exudes decadence, and luxury.


Tall, dark and handsome


This washbasin stands tall and proud; as it should! The base is hewn out of solid rock, and is an ideal support for the staid black washbasin. The designer has chosen to use the natural grains in the Italian marble to accentuate the beauty of this decadent wash basin. A work of art; no less!


It’s a temple! Or is it?



Doing away with the standard fare of marble temples available in the market, the designer has chosen to give this temple a unique identity. The temple unit is functional and aesthetically appealing, serving the purpose of worship without disturbing the design of the rest of the house. The simple prayer on the wall, fashioned in brass adds sublimity to this prayer room. The flooring, in herringbone pattern, works well with the smart temple.


Quaint occasional table


As they say, good things come in small packages. The little occasional table, by the bed, is more about design than functionality. But, it’s diminutive size does not take away from its appeal. The best part is, you can place it anywhere and the effect will be just as intriguing! Ideal home decor ideas for small homes!

It’s easy to get flummoxed when you see so many ideas that appeal to you! The trick is to chose a theme, and develop your design around it. With the wide variety of modular furniture design ideas we have, you will be spoilt for choice!

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