10 Tips to Furnish a Modern Home Smartly

10 Tips to Furnish a Modern Home Smartly

Decorating an empty house may seem like a daunting task, and honestly, blending everything seamlessly is a bit challenging. But getting your modern home décor right is very important for the comfort and peace that you desire at home. A poorly done house not only looks bad and emits negative energy, but it also brings down your satisfaction and leaves you in a sour mood. If you are just wondering how to set things right at your home, then here are 10 tips to furnish a modern home smartly.

1. Know your budget!

The first thing that you need to check before browsing the net is to note down your budget. Furnishing a modern home is a costly affair and if you don’t plan things correctly, then your half-done home would leave you with empty pockets. If you are on a tight budget already, then go for one room at a time or one thing in a month.

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2. Invest in quality

One of the most common mistakes that people make while furnishing a modern home is compromising on quality. Low-quality products wear out easily making your home look shabby. 

3. Be a minimalist

It is a very common temptation for people to go overboard while shopping for their furniture. Modern house décor is more about functionality, convenience and, minimalism. 

4. Vouch for open spaces

One of the most popular trends in modern house décor is the luxury of open spaces. Beat the urge to buy big accent pieces that serve no practical purposes. Keep your space open and airy.

5. Use plants to spruce up your space 

The best tip you will ever get on how to furnish a modern home is to use plants. They not only give your space a luxurious look, but they also help regulate temperature and act as a natural air purifier. Indoor plants like table palm, money plant, snake plant, succulents are great options.

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6. Use mirrors for magic 

Ask any interior decorator how to decorate small house that gives an illusion of a big space and the answer is ‘mirror’. Big mirrors are an excellent accessory to create an illusion of a bigger and brighter space. Place your mirrors in a perpendicular position to your doors and windows, they will reflect the light and this enhances the positivity of a space. 

7. Choose the right lighting

Good lighting is the soul of your home. Even the most basic house interior design can be accentuated with the right lighting. You can layer your home with ambient, task and accent lights. The ambient lights are the ceiling fixtures that give your room a warm vibe. The task is the functional lights that you would need in the kitchen, working space or reading nooks. The accent is more of decorative artwork.

8. Tidy up with the organisers

This is the best tip if you are looking for ideas on how to decorate a small house. A clean decluttered space is the first characteristic of modern house decoration. Make use of vertical shelves and compartmentalise your drawers. Store everything in racks, cabins and closed boxes. Donate the things that you do not want and do not buy things that you don’t need.

9. Make art an indispensable part

Blank walls are much like empty canvases and you can breathe life into them by hanging beautiful hand-crafted paintings that look classy and extravagant. They not only add colour and character to your space but also give out a different kind of energy. This is one secret tip that interior decorators in Kolkata swear by.

10. Don’t forget your bathroom

Modern home décor is incomplete without a modern bathroom. Keep your bathroom clean and organised. Add a big and nice framed mirror to add character to your bathroom. You can also place plants and fragrances to accentuate the look.

Your Takeaway!

While decorating your modern home one thing that you should always remember to maintenance it well. While white looks fantastic, but if you have kids and pets then opt for colours that are easy to manage. Take ideas from real life and get innovative with your space. In case you need an expert’s opinion then reach out to an experienced interior designer at BlueMasons!